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    Top 4 Alternative Traffic Sources to Grow Your Mobile Advertising Campaign

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    If you’re a mobile advertiser, we have put together a selection of “hidden gems” that can deliver new growth opportunities for your mobile campaigns. Whether you’re looking to open up new inventory or channels, these diverse solutions can offer unique and less competitive pools of traffic. Our “hidden champions” open up different ad traffic sources outside of the tried-and-tested CPI and CPA models.

    Mobile players continue to be affected by a highly competitive advertising market, led by the duopoly of Facebook and Google. But there’s a twist: in 2020, it has become a triopoly, with the addition of Amazon Advertising. In fact, eMarketer estimated in 2019 that nearly 70% of US advertising digital spend ended up in one of the three leading ad sellers.

    As mobile marketers running high quality user-acquisition campaigns for our clients, we find that there is a pressing need to seek alternative ad solutions beyond these walled gardens.
    Read on below.

    1. Yahoo! JAPAN Partnership

    As many of our clients operate in the APAC region, we are aware that Japan is a challenging and secluded market to break into, where trustworthy publishing sources can be difficult to place.
    So we are delighted to announce that in early 2020 we started a direct partnership with Yahoo! Display Ad Network (YDN), in order to provide our clients with direct access to the Japan region. Yahoo! JAPAN is not to be confused with Yahoo! – the former was acquired by SoftBank, while the latter is owned by Verizon Communications. They are two separate entities operating independently.

    Advantages for Advertisers

      – Yahoo! JAPAN has a huge market share in the country, reaching 90% of the Japanese audience across smartphones and desktops.
      – Gaming, e-commerce, dating and utility are the most popular verticals onYahoo! JAPAN.
      – Over 100 local media platforms available, which cooperate with Yahoo! News JAPAN. Advertisers are granted access to all of these via the partnership.

    *source: Yahoo! JAPAN

      – Yahoo! JAPAN leads the PC reach rate in Japan above Google and YouTube, totalling to 70 billion page views per month. Smartphone usage reaches 62.7 million users per month and has 88.5% market share.

    *source: Yahoo! JAPAN

    How Campaigns Are Run

    Yahoo! Display Ad Network (YDN) is an ad product enabling advertisers to place ads inside of the service provided by Yahoo! JAPAN and its 100+ media platforms.

    Through the direct partnership with YDN, you are able to place your display ads on the platform and its partnering sites, reaching 90% of mobile and PC users in Japan, and to access high-quality data. The digital campaigns run on CPC and CPM traffic. Based on the bidding price, the platform decides a placement for the ad. A direct contact at Yahoo! JAPAN assists us with campaign placement and is available to answer any questions.

    Once the campaign is running, WeQ’s media team and a dedicated account manager manages the campaign, supported by native speakers. We are able to optimize campaigns, track impressions and creatives with full transparency.

    If you are a mobile advertiser looking to open new sources of traffic in this tricky GEO, the opportunities offered by this media juggernaut cannot be ignored.

    2. TikTok

    TikTok is a relatively new social media video app for both iOS and Android. With its meteoric surge, it’s the platform to watch in 2020. Naturally, many advertisers are still working out how they can benefit from it.

    As an official partner of TikTok, we have been working with the social channel for the last year and seen profitable and positive results for our clients. Are you considering running a campaign on social traffic using TikTok? Here’s what you need to know.

    Advantages for Advertisers

      – Over 500 million users per month globally. analyzed data from 2,152 TikTok influencers and saw engagement jump by over 27 percent on average from February to March 2020.
      – It’s a varied demographic that includes mainly Gen Z at 35%, followed by millenials at 19% and even boomers (YPulse).
      – Ads are still rare compared to platforms like Instagram, so early adopters naturally stand out.
      – TikTok is the third highest-grossing non-game app worldwide, behind Tinder and YouTube (Sensor Tower).
      – We have seen very positive results for gaming and ecommerce campaigns run on TikTok in the start of 2020.
      – Top GEOs globally are: the US, followed by Indonesia, Russia, the UK and France, Korea, Spain and Italy.

    *source: TikTok

    How Campaigns Are Run

    Similarly to Yahoo! JAPAN campaigns are run on CPC and CPM traffic and are optimized towards eCPI.WeQ’s Account Manager runs and manages a performance campaign featuring full transparency of impressions and creatives tracking though in-feed ads and in-feed ad cards. WeQ’s media team works with our account manager at TikTok, who is on hand to assist with campaign implementation.

    It’s simple and fast to set up scalable campaigns on TikTok. We’ve put together an in-depth feature with all the details on how you can start your own campaign on this highly profitable platform in 2020 – check it out here.

    3. Carrier Traffic

    If you’re looking to target Android users in challenging global markets including LATAM (including Mexico and Brazil) and APAC, you can look into the option of Carrier Traffic.

    Advantages for Advertisers

      – Opportunities for access to compliant inventory in challenging GEOs.
      – You can preload your app onto new Android devices, upon activation with the carrier provider.

    How Campaigns Are Run

    Based on your target group, your app is automatically preloaded onto new Android devices upon activation with the carrier provider (meaning it’s 100% compliant traffic).

    This will enable new Android users to click the app’s icon and start a 1-click activation. The app will then be completely downloaded into their device without redirecting them to the Play Store. Through carrier traffic in the US and Brazil, there is also an option to send push messages to mobile users to encourage app engagement.

    If you’re looking to open up opportunities on Android across different GEOS, look no further.

    4. OEM Traffic – Huawei Partnership

    Want to open up new traffic inventory in Europe? Look to Huawei, which is the second-largest Android manufacturer in Europe.

    Advantages for Advertisers

      – App icon placement
      – Used by more than 3 billion of the world’s population
      – Accessible pricing with different options available

    How Campaigns Are Run

    Through a direct partnership with Huawei, your app can be featured and placed on both the Huawei App Store and Huawei App Gallery. In the Huawei App Gallery, there are different options available for the app icon placement: New Apps we Love, New Games we Love, or Top-Rated Apps.


    To recap, here are the benefits of running mobile advertising campaigns using our recommended alternative traffic sources:

      – Access to more diversity in traffic and direct inventory, including CPM and CPC models (optimized towards eCPI).
      – Higher transparency on campaigns, fully tracked with the help of our partners.
      – Campaigns are managed by WeQ’s media team and supported by a native industry expert with local experience (targeted GEO, vertical, and language of choice). Together with your personal AM, you will create a personalized campaign that is closely targeted, tracked and optimized.

    Sven Lubek, MD at WeQ, says: “In the current market, there is an urgent need for clients to diversify their traffic sources. While we are always looking to improve our own CPI and CPA-based solutions WeQ PERFORM and WeQ SHIELD, we always seek viable alternatives to the tried-and-tested CPI model. To answer our clients’ growing UA strategy needs, we are now able to offer more diversity and transparency, with access to direct inventories on CPM, CPA and CPC (optimized towards eCPI). ”

    Are you looking to expand your reach with your UA campaign outside of the walled gardens of Facebook and Google? Get in touch with us here to know how WeQ can help achieve your goals!


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