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    Our Favourite Home Workout Apps To Keep Fit

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    Home workout apps are a great way for fitness lovers to get moving when they’re unable to get to a gym.
    The App Store and Google Play Store offer a ton of apps devoted to all kinds of workouts, from yoga and pilates to HIIT and strength training sessions. However, it can be tricky to know which ones are worth your time and only the best apps are made by qualified trainers and fitness experts with real knowledge of what makes a work out effective, targeted, and safe. With so many high quality workout apps out there your smartphone could be the most valuable workout equipment and with a little help from technology you can train like a pro, whatever your fitness goal.

    We wanted to get insider feedback from actual fitness app users and asked our team for their experience and opinions on the best apps that offer workouts you can perform indoors at home. Additionally, many of their recommendations also include ideas, guidance and support for exercising outdoors or at the gym.

    Read on for our teams recommendations of their favourite digital trainers to help you improve your flexibility and fitness – no gym membership required!


    CYBEROBICS is aiming to fundamentally redefine the training experience in the area of group fitness. The programm claims to enable everybody to integrate exercise easily into their everyday lives with workouts designed and implemented by experts in accordance with the latest sports science knowledge to keep your body fit and healthy.
    Cyberobics offers a vast variety of workout sessions for every training goal: Weight Loss & Fat Burning, Definition & Strengthening, Stamina & Flexibility, Wellness & Relaxation.
    Cyberobics CEO, Oliver Schulokat, said in an interview with Ride High Magazine: “Our virtual group exercise classes allow users to work out with the best trainers in the US, at the most breath-taking locations and do so entirely flexibly – whenever and wherever they choose. Plus, it’s all tailored to their personal training goals, their preferences and their individual training level.”

    Our Senior Publisher Development Manager, Anna, is a regular Cyberobics user and she particularly likes the variety of regularly updated intensive power workouts with which she can set herself new challenges. She can easily do them at home and after testing her limits with power workouts she likes to relax with a wellness session to restart and create energy for the rest of the day. Cyberobics can also be used on the go as well as on your Smart TV.

    With CYBEROBICS Free you can use 10 select workouts for an unlimited time after signing up and creating an account. With CYBEROBICS Premium you have unlimited access to the entire workout portfolio and the premium membership fee is USD$4.99 for a monthly membership and USD$34.99 for an annual membership.

      2. AAPTIV

    Aaptiv was awarded App of the year and appears in the Editor’s Choice category of the App Store as number one Audio Fitness app. If this does not motivate you to start your Aaptiv journey, you may want to have a look at their vision. They believe that everyone deserves personalized fitness instruction, not just the few who can spare the time or who can afford their own personal trainer.
    They ensure that members can count on the delivery of the most convenient, personalized, and fun way to work out—an always-there partner that guides them to their healthiest, happiest lives. Sounds good, right?

    Christian, WeQ´s VP of Business Development, agrees! With long working hours and kids waiting to be entertained at home, he does not find much time to workout and with Aaptiv he found the perfect day-to-day balance. He enjoys the fun workouts, the thrill of beating a personal best, and the health benefits of fitness.

    You can start your free 7 day trial or get unlimited access to all classes for USD$14.99 per month and USD$99.99 per year.


    The sportswear giant, Nike, has gone above and beyond to follow their vision of making workout exercises a daily habit for everyone. The service of Nike Training Club includes multi-week program workouts, nutrition tips and wellness guidance to serve every kind of athlete. Each program is made by a Nike Master Trainer to get specific results, but is still flexible enough to fit into your busy life.
    It supports the health and well-being of all people affected by the current state of quarantine and self-isolation and has therefore decided to make the premium version of its Nike Training Club app completely free and available to everyone. Nice one, Nike!

    Stasia from our Business Development Team, explains that the workouts range from 15 to 60 minutes and are in a studio-style format. When using the app she feels transformed into a real gym with the Nike Master trainers that provide targeted training suitable for her fitness level.
    The company has also started offering new tips on mindset, movement, nutrition, recovery and sleep via its social handles, and the Nike app.

    Our Senior Business Development Manager, Yuting also enjoys the Nike training app options, especially Nike Run Club. She gets motivated by the digital trainer which reminds her how many kilometers she already has achieved. This provides her with the encouragement to challenge herself and test her limits.

    Nike Training Club is free to use and available on the App store and the Google Playstore.

      Bonus: LUMOSITY

    Not only muscles can be trained! Ara, who is part of our Sales Team, recommends a different kind of training to spice up your day.
    Luminosity claims to be the number one brain training app and is set to improve your memory and increase your focus. The app offers a tailor made training program for your brain which adapts to your unique strengths and weaknesses. Mindfulness power training that feels like a game!
    Talking about mindfulness! If you find yourself in need of relaxation, focus, and better sleep, you can head over to Our Favourite Mindfulness Apps Blog Post with more personal recommendations by our team.

    Are you ready to start your own home workout program? We hope that the recommendations from our team will help you determine which app is the right one for you.
    Download one and tone up, stretch it out, or slim down.


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