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    Our Favourite Cooking Apps To Inspire Your Inner Masterchef

    Reading Time: 3 minutes

    Cooking is a fun and necessary hobby to have. After all, we need food to sustain ourselves and stay alive and healthy. But sometimes, it can be more a matter of necessity than a matter of fun. How do you decide what to cook next? What if you’re running low on inspiration? How can you prepare a healthy meal without spending hours in the kitchen?

    Making your smartphone your sous chef might just do the trick!

    From classic cookbooks and recipe discovery apps, to personal recipe shopping organizers, there are many apps out there that can improve the users talent in the kitchen.
    Some provide great recipes with star ratings and tips from other home cooks and bakers, while others serve as a digital cookbook where you can store your favorite recipes and even upload your own. Others provide inspiration and even step-by-step videos if you want to follow along to make sure you get everything right.

    We’ve asked our team for their favourite kitchen helpers. Read their user feedback below to awaken your culinary ingenuity. It is time to plate up those scrumptious creations with style.

      1. YUMMLY

    With millions of users and a 4.8 star rating on the App Store, Yummly is without a doubt a major player when it comes to mobile kitchen helpers. With its system of personalised discovery and food intelligence technology it aims to understand recipes at a deeper level and recommend them to their users based on diets, allergies, and tastes.

    Yummly comes highly recommended by our Senior Business Development Manager, Stasia. She is a regular user of this smart cooking technology that offers her personalised guidance every step of the way. She loves to browse through the beautifully photographed recipes to save them to her digital cookbook.

      2. MEALIME

    Designed to make meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking as simple as getting takeout, this app takes the cooking app experience to a whole new level. The user can plan their meals for the entire week with 200 personalization options. Mealime also simplifies the grocery shopping process by creating an organized shopping list according to the users meal plan.

    Angelika, WeQ’s HR & Recruiting Team Lead, uses this app to plan her menu for the entire week. She especially likes the individual meal plans and that the recipes are easily customizable. She can create weekly plans that fit into her lifestyle.


    This app enables users to find and share recipes, photos and reviews using regular and advanced search functions. The recipes are created, tested and shared by Allrecipes’ 10 million users. The Dinner Spinner features more than 1,000 mobile-friendly recipe videos, which offer step-by-step procedures. The user can add ingredients and items to the app-enabled shopping lists and adjust recipes to make more or fewer servings.

    Ara, from our Business Development Team, enjoys using the Dinner Spinner and sees it as the social network for home cooks. She says that users can also share reviews, upload photos as well as pin and post recipes. The I MADE IT feature enables the user to share their creations directly with their friends and family via Facebook.

    Are you ready to start your culinary journey in partnership with your smartphone? We hope that the recommendations from our team will help you determine which app is the right one for you.


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