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    MWC19 Highlights – Day 2

    Reading Time: 3 minutes

    They say that the early bird catches the worm…. and when you get a bunch of early birds together, you can start your second day at Mobile World Congress strong! We won’t deny that our freshly brewed coffee definitely helps when you are in back to back in meetings.

    On the second day, we joined talks focusing on AI and immersive content topics.

    Democratizing AI and Attacking Algorithmic Bias was an eye-opening session that provided different perspectives on how we can work together to eliminate algorithmic bias and democratize AI.

    The conventional wisdom is that AI should be the great equaliser when it comes to bias in decision-making. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. According to Elena Fersman, Research Director, Machine Intelligence & Automation at Ericsson, AI algorithms are inspired by how we are acting in society and phenomena in nature. “What democratization means for humans is making your voice heard and getting an explanation of why certain decisions are being made – it’s important for all data sources and algorhythm to be heard. A meeting point for them to speak up.”

    By joining The Ethics and Accountability of AI session we were able to gain some insights into the AI topic that has a profound impact on our society. At the end of the day, no matter how powerful or autonomous technology becomes, it is still man-made and, therefore, man’s responsibility to ensure its application is ethical.

    Elon Musk is among the most vocal of proponents for regulating AI and, during this session, we were provided with an in-depth evaluation of principles for making AI systems safe for society and ameliorating any ethical shortcomings.

    Gamifying the mobile experience, the last talk of the day, was right up our alley!

    One of the panelists, Leo Girel, CRO at YouAppi mentioned: “Gaming is so engaging, and advertising is critical for anyone’s business and that’s why we gamify ads. We sell 10x performance over standard advertising units.”

    Girel’s key recommendations for the best mobile experience were:

  • Gamify
  • Keep it simple
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Oscar Garcia Pañella, Partner at CookieBox, raised some interesting points since not everybody loves competitions and wants to compete in the game for points and scores. “There are other things. For example, you can explore and find secrets, and improve the world.” According to Oscar it’s crucial to get the audience matrix right and to look at socio-cultural dimensions and motivation. “You need to design for every niche so everyone can find someone interesting. Study your audience before you design a game, eg. focus groups or other strategies to extract what motivates the final user.”

    When asked about upcoming trends in monetization strategies, Anel Ceman from Outfit7, a video game company, mentioned header bidding as a key trend. “Someone is buying your inventory in real time. We speak different languages between ad networks and exchanges, but here you get ad protocol that allows you to speak the same language. You create a fair playing field and it’s a brand safe environment.”

    On that last note, if you want to talk about all things mobile, as well as user acquisition and monetization strategies, visit our booth in Hall 8.1.

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