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    Why Influencer Marketing?

    Unlock powerful and vast marketing channels

    Maximize ROAS

    Leverage earned media

    Benefit from native advertising

    Reach users where they are most-engaged

    Challenges of Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that can heavily maximize your return on ad spend, but to do it alone can be very challenging. With our proven industry experience, we’ve pinpointed the major setbacks:
    It's an unregulated marketplace, with influencers working from home at odd hours of day and night. Some people only communicate via FaceTime, others prefer email, and some use WeChat or WhatsApp exclusively.
    Price quotes vary massively, often with no obvious correlation to delivery or results. Without working systems and existing relationships in place, it can feel like an impossible feat to get your ad pieces delivered on time.
    Add in talent agents, time zones challenges, multiple languages and this market is a difficult one to navigate and scale alone.

    About Us

    WeQ Influencers creates influencer marketing endorsement campaigns that place your brand in front of targeted social media audiences globally. As the social marketing company of WeQ, a leading mobile advertising company based in Berlin, we deliver impactful and scalable campaigns on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other significant social networks.


    Native Ad Integration

    Influencers recommend your products inside their own social content in a natural way, for maximum impact.


    The influencer’s image and your product are featured together on a promo site that pushes their followers straight through to your online and mobile sites.

    Earned Media Effect

    Experience up to a 30%+ boost in post-campaign traffic and engagement thanks to the use of a native ad format, which is not seen as advertising — it lives on.

    Effective UA

    Run scalable performance campaigns with the focus on your target KPIs and get detailed metrics.

    Branding Campaigns

    Whether it’s eCPM or CTR, we help you achieve your campaign targets. Get all the metrics, combined with long-lasting brand-building effects.

    Campaign Control & Transparency

    Tracking, reporting and ROAS are measured and reported all the way down to channel level, so you know exactly what works.

    International Exposure Options

    Using our premium global sources and international expertise, we cover all Tier 1 & 2 markets.

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